BESA Accredited Kitchen Extraction & Duct Cleaning

  • Posted on: 14 July 2018
  • Commercial Kitchen, Extraction & Duct Cleaning
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  • Commercial Kitchen, Extraction & Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen, Extraction & Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen, Extraction & Duct Cleaning

Our UK Specialist Kitchen & Extraction Duct Deep Cleaning service is designed for all aspects of commercial catering and is undertaken by our BESA Accredited in-house Operatives. The service is performed on a pre- specified basis to maximise the hygiene benefits and reduce service downtime. Our Pre-Arranged Surveys are comprehensive, and free of charge.

Our Service is designed to assist the daily cleaning activity and to Deep Clean all the areas identified in our comprehensive survey. There are many areas of a Commercial Kitchen which, on the day to day operation, tend to be missed by even the strictest of daily cleaning regimes. Our Deep Cleaning Service addresses these areas, including; Structural cleaning, Cooking Equipment cleaning, Extraction cleaning, Canopy & Filter cleaning & Ductwork cleaning. Most importantly, our Deep Cleaning Service can also assist in providing evidence of a caterer’s due diligence to Environmental Health & Insurance.

Once we are given the instructions to carry out the Deep Clean we will discuss with you the best day and time for this to be done. Our National Help Desk will then schedule your work and the information will be retained for future anniversary cleans.

The duct work, canopy and kitchen (depending on your specification), will be degreased and surfaces cleaned with a food grade safe anti-microbial solution to leave the surfaces not only looking clean but hygienically clean. All of our  canopy and ductwork cleaning will be undertaken to TR19 standards as detailed by BESA so you know that we have worked to a defined universal standard. We will take before and after photographs which will form part of our report which will follow your clean to show clearly the improvement and work carried out. This report will form part of your due diligence paperwork and will be supported by a certificate we will issue for your files.

Ductwork & Extraction Cleaning - Your responsibilites explained.

The BESA - TR/19 Guidance to good practice define kitchen extract ventilation as "the extract systems intended to collect and remove contaminants, heat and moisture from cooking appliances". A grease extract duct system is made up of the following components: -

•Canopy hood - types are box / ridge.
•Filters - mesh, baffle or cartridge type are most common. 
•Extract plenum - void area immediately behind the filters. 
•Grease extract duct - duct controls the flow of air. 
•Fan and fan housing. 
•Access panels - method of obtaining entry to the ductwork interior. 
•Exhaust grill.

During the cooking process flammable vapours are given off from cooking oils at temperatures between 200 to 300'C. "Spontaneous ignition occurs at 310-360'C" (Source: RC44 - Recommendations for fire risk assessment of catering extract ventilation BSRIA). Grease extract ductwork cleaning helps reduce the flammable materials that build up within the system. There are various legislation and guideline principles with a brief explanation of relevancy are outlined in various enforceable Health, Safety & Welfare Legislation.

It should be noted that insurance companies now stipulate as part of a building's insurance terms the requirement for grease extract duct to be cleaned on a stated frequency (normally once or twice per annum). They remain the driving force in ensuring that duct cleaning is carried out.

Heavy Use

12-16 Hours Kitchen Operational

3 Monthly

Moderate Use

6-12 Hours Kitchen Operational

6 Monthly

Light Use

2-6 Hours Kitchen Operational

12 Monthly

Benifits of our Kitchen Cleaning Service

We are committed to maintain your kitchen to the very highest standards, and the benefits of this include the following points:

•Avoid risk of prosecution by Environmental Health
•Create a space with better working conditions
•Reduce risk of contamination by bacteria
•Reduce risk of pest infestation
•Improve the image of your business


Our UK Service is delivered within the following Operational Framework:

•24 hours a day 7 days a week
•Fully BESA Qualified and certificated Operatives
•Site specific surveys and quotations
•All RAMS & COSHH provided
•Full Public & Employers Liability Insurance
•National Administration Support via National Helpdesk


We currently supply hygiene deep clean services and solutions to a wide variety of organisations and companies which include: -

•Offices  Schools
•Factories and Warehouses  Colleges/Universities
•Hotels & Restaurants  Ministry of Defence
•Construction Companies  Care Homes and Hospitals 
•Local Authorities

 Specialist Equipment required to carry out work to BESA accredited standards.

The Lifa Air Hydmaster40 is the number one professional choice for cleaning large sized ductwork where exceptional cleaning force is required. It is a patented design hydraulic rotary brush machine available in 110 or 230V voltages and delivers 10Nm of torque, nearly double the power of any other rotary brush machine. The unit may be used to clean ductwork ranging from 300-1200mm in size and can clean all ductwork shapes rectangular, circular and oval. The hydraulic rotary brush machine has a 40m cleaning shaft which is both strong and flexible. Brush rotation speed up to 650rpm is easily controlled by a speed control dial.

This machine has proved incredibly popular in the UK market for kitchen exhaust cleaning in accordance with TR19, but is also used for large ductwork cleaning projects in other environments such as marine, medical and pharmaceutical. Hydmaster40 is manufactured by Lifa Air to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and is CE marked.

The hydraulic rotary brush motor is incredibly quiet when in operation and delivers consistent power for ductwork cleaning. Brush rotation is controlled by a foot pedal, this can be linked to an optional remote control if necessary. Brush speed is controlled from 340-650rpm by a speed dial on the machine control box. An emergency stop button is fitted to the control box for immediate shut off. Circular, rectangular and oval ductwork shapes may be cleaned by changing brush shape and material at the brush end connection. Rectangular ductwork may require a specialist tool to clean into the corners of the ductwork called the two brush triangle gear.

Machine operation is usually a two man operation but with a remote control it is possible to operate with one person. The machine reduces the need for manual entry and confined space work to clean ductwork systems in accordance with TR19 and BS15780.

If you looking for a professional reliable cleanig solution to your Commercial Kitchen, get in touch via the below contacts for a free no-obligation quote.


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