Business Bounce Back

  • Posted on: 11 May 2020

Following last week's changes to the lockdown within England over the weekend, means now more than ever hygiene and disinfection procedures will be under scrutiny within workplaces, based around two important areas within the Governments Business Charter;

Employee Safeguarding - Staff will need to feel everything is being done by their employers so that their return to work is being managed safely, promoting not only social distancing but also an enhanced cleaning and disinfection regime.

Public Perception -The public and visitors to the building will need to feel their experience is one of safety first, supported by subtle messages of protection that enhance their feeling of safety and allow them to enjoy the environment at all times.

The fear of a second peak will take time to dissolve and confidence in businesses attitude and responsibilities will become an important factor in how they engage with the general public and their own staff. To assist with employers route back to work responsibilities we are providing COVID-19 Electrostatic Disinfection combined with our existing portfolio of services delivered to meet your 3 standard-led criteria, enabling your workplace not only to open but to remain safe for staff, visitors and contractors moving forward.

Prevent Delivered as part of your wider pre-planned roadmap to opening. Following this initial clean we will provide wall mounted notice templates outlining dates of initial and future cleans designed to enhance employee, public and visitor confidence within your workplace. 

React – Disinfection of areas upon the disclosure of a suspected/confirmed case based either by employee self-declaration or NHS COVID-19 Mobile App information. This service is available on a 24hr turnaround and covers employer obligations to combat any future wave of infection.

Maintain – Scheduled subscrition based disinfection delivered within a managed Periodic Cleaning Schedule. This service provides both staff and visitors confidence that your workplace continues to meet best practice standard-led hygiene criteria moving forward.

The provision of a planned schedule of COVID-19 management will undoubtedly become part of any existing business accreditation, and will play a part in all business management moving forward driven more than ever by HR/Employee expectations of safety. Be one step closer to compliance and book your Business Bounce Back Schedule by emailing [email protected] or calling 01527 839 855. Surveys for larger sites can be arranged directly by emailing [email protected].