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  • Posted on: 29 May 2017
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Severn Park Fire and Rescue Training Centre is run by Babcock and home to the Fire and Rescue Training for Avon, Devon & Somerset and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Services. The training centre is open to both the Emergency Services and commercial organisations to deliver high quality training including operational, personal, health and safety or fire training for businesses.

Unique Support Services, working in Partnership with Servest Muti Services Group, has been contracted to carry out Cladding cleaning on both the Head Office Building and various Fire Fighting Burn Buildings that emit smoke during operation, adding to the deposits on the sites cladding.

The cleaning of the cladding on the building will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and prevent costly replacement work in the future, while of course maintaining the aesthetics of the site.

Regular cladding cleaning and maintenance of a building can have more of an impact than you think. Visitors and customers will leave with a better impression if your building looks presentable, clean and tidy as it reflects how your business operates.

There are several distinct types of cladding including aluminium, plastic UPVC, stainless steel, glass and more, all of which need approaching carefully to ensure that they are cleaned properly but without causing damage to the surface. Poorly trained cleaning staff and incorrect techniques can cause more problems to the building resulting in costly replacement or repair work.

We will give you a detailed explanation of what is required to carry out the task properly and should give you a fixed price quotation which will include Specialist Access equipment where required. The entire process from start to finish will be managed by our Helpdesk allowing you to continue with your core business.

Sometimes pressure washers can be used inside, depending on the circumstances. It is often surprising to see a pressure washer in action on a large internal concrete floor area creating no pools of water to clean up. Specialist types of pressure washers also have built in water suction vacuums which suck up the dirty water as they clean.

Buildings that are being refurbished inside sometimes need cleaning and sanitising by hot pressure washer before they can be repainted or re-coated. It is important to consider what will happen to the used water and how you will manage it effectively.

Unique Support Services pressure washing teams have a vast knowledge of how to clean surfaces properly and effectively and operate National from our Head office conveniently located just south of Birmingham close to the major Motorway Network.

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