Periodic Cleaning Solutions - Value for Money

  • Posted on: 15 July 2017

We know how demanding your customers are and the expectations of your front of house presentation. Whether your business is a gastro restaurant, bank or financial institution, government or council building, school, college or hospital, independent or part of a managed retail chain, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are now not just expected but essential to your business.

We also appreciate that in a climate where every penny counts businesses are balancing a very tight budget, with over 15 years cleaning experience for national, regional and local clients within all the above sectors we take a different approach, and like Marks & Spencer, we are "Never Knowingly undersold".

Our General Manger, Rupert Smith understands that the cheapest option usually means trouble.

"Our Projects have been priced sensibly with input from all aspects of the business, not just from the sales perspective. We hear time and time again from larger cleaning company account mangers, can you do this for us, it has to be cheap because we have nothing in the budget. Value for money can come only from a service that has been sensibly priced and can be delivered at the coal face, not one that has been mis-sold or favors one party greater than the other."

We've become a preferred supplier to many of the UK's most prominent names in Cleaning & Facility Management, by offering a client centric management approach, coupled with an outstanding, professional cleaning team and a competitive pricing structure that delivers real value for money, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business. Backed up by our National Helpdesk we deliver real added value within long term strategic partnerships.

"A suppliers service isn't good value if your own employees have to spend time managing it, no matter how good it looked at the initial presentation. The idea that it wont be your problem, and that they said they could do it for that price, is a short sighted view. You cant invoice what you cant deliver, especially on a 1/12th monthly schedule, eventually your going to have to credit back!"