Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety

PCS recognises its statutory duty to ensure that no work shall be undertaken unless the area of work is safe and all possible measures have been taken to avoid accidents from occurring.

Accident Book

All accidents must be entered into the site accident book and reported directly to the Bromsgrove head office (Telephone Number: 0800 808 7321) to Rupert Smith, Managing Director and responsible for all company Health and Safety matters. A report reference number will be issued which MUST be noted in the Accident book against the employer’s name.

PCS employ Peninsula Services as support in all matters relating to Health & Safety. Peninsula provides all relevant updates in Laws and regulations to keep More Than Cleaning, its Employees and clients safe.

Service Basis

Our charges are based on supplying services as per the specification. All other days, including Bank Holidays have been excluded from our arrangements.

Charges include the supply of all labour, materials, equipment, supervision and the external management support necessary to complete the works to your complete satisfaction.

Value Added Tax

Our charges are exclusive of VAT, which will be applied at the rate applicable at the time of invoicing.


Our proposals are calculated upon a commercial basis. TUPE information has been supplied and is assumed to be correct. We reserve the right to negotiate further should subsequent TUPE information have a financial impact on our Bid. We are confident that any changes to the staffing aspect be dealt with professionally and competently without affecting your service provision.

COSHH and Risk Assessments

At the start of any new contract, the contract manager of Director will request a complete set of COSHH data and assessment sheets for each new site to be held in the ‘Cleaning Cupboard’, and an additional copy will be provided to the client if requested.

All COSHH details are maintained on file at our Bromsgrove Head Office, this ensures that if any sheets need to be updated/altered they can be replaced immediately.

COSHH assessments are reviewed at regular intervals and when a new product is to be used. Each employee at PCS takes responsibility for Health & Safety and Environmental issues. This culture is supported through training and awareness.

These responsibilities are seen as key to our total service offering, with overall responsibility resting with the Managing Director.

Our Health & Safety responsibilities are accredited by the following independent auditors CHAS and Safe Contractor.